I watched Election for the first time this week.
After hearing that there’s a TV movie remake of the original Grey Gardens, I knew I had to watch.
A few days ago I watched the film adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play, A Streetcar Named Desire.
I was first introduced to Grey Gardens when watching Jinkx Monsoon portray Little Edie on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
Last week I rewatched Tangerine, the Sean Baker-written and directed film, which was shot on three iPhone 5Ss.
Donna Mae Foronda has asked me to review the first episode of her new project: Chosen Fam, a web series following members of a QTPOC indie band in the…
I watched Shoplifters for the second time earlier this week.
I watched White Oleander, the drama based on Janet Fitch’s novel by the same name, this weekend.
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